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A suspect, who was taking boots off of cars and disposing of them in the St. Anthony Sand Dunes, was taken into custody by police on Feb. 22, and people praised him as a hero on the Scroll Facebook page.

Booting and parking are continuous problems in Rexburg; students often talk about them but don’t take action. Instead, many students cheer on illegal removal.

We on the Scroll editorial board believe people need to take legal action on issues they care about, not cheer on illegal acts.

As booting becomes legal in Rexburg, people seem to be frustrated but accepting of these circumstances. People justify booting as the only way we can regulate the horrible parking situation. Others suggest different avenues to regulate parking.

But no one does anything.

Rather, people cut boots off of their cars, yell at the booters or hope someone else does something.

People complain when they get a parking ticket or get booted. They accept the punishment, say things should be different and move on; until it affects them later when they park in a wrong spot again. Then, the cycle continues.

Yes, someone fought against the booting last year. It was brought to court and ruled illegal. Then, Scroll reported in September 2017 that booting returned with restrictions. However, the fight doesn’t have to stop there.

The booting may be predatory, but you must be prepared to pay the consequences for your actions. Whether you were parked wrongly for 10 minutes or five hours, you may get booted and fined. If you were truly in the wrong, then pay for it, but don’t be afraid to fight it later, legally.

If there is an issue you care about that you want to fight for, then fight for it. Discuss it with others; see different viewpoints. Go participate and listen at the Rexburg City Council meetings. If you want to make a change you believe is necessary, you have to advocate for it. Don’t wait for others to do it.

We cannot let one person fight alone and advocate for an issue. People must band together for real change to happen. Don’t cheer on others who may set back your progress by defacing and destroying property. Change the law thoughtfully, not just out of anger and resentment.

We do, however, acknowledge that one of the first protests in the history of America was one of destroying and defacing property at the Boston Tea Party, but these actions were prior to the writing and enacting of the Constitution. They were under England’s rule and had no better options for protesting. They didn’t have the protection to peacefully protest we do now.

Other prominent issues in the country have taken years of protests to gain any ground. The civil rights movement, the women’s suffrage movement, the Vietnam War protests and, more recently, the women’s marches, the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests for gun control have all pushed for change. Not all movements have succeeded, but they have influenced American history.

The booting issue in Rexburg does not truly compare to national issues like civil rights or women’s suffrage, but booting is an important issue to the citizens of Rexburg. It is an issue we can take a stance for, and we can make a change.

The scriptures encourage us to be involved in our local government and follow the laws of the land. But if those laws are unjust, whatever type of laws they may be, we have a duty, as citizens of Rexburg, to change them.

We must stand and advocate for a change in the laws we want changed; we must stand with the people who begin the change and continue it, legally. Don’t rip boots off of cars as a form of protest. We have the First Amendment to protect our right to peacefully protest so we can legally create change.

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So, you hate booting? Great — legally protest it, and make a change. Even if everything you do only starts the conversation.