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In the semester of Winter 2018, 33 percent of BYU-Idaho’s students were freshmen, according to BYU-I’s enrollment statistics page. As they navigate college life, freshmen might need the advice of another student demographic: seniors, who make up 19 percent of the student body.

Three graduating seniors — MaryKathryn Farnsworth, a senior studying music, Alan Andrade, a senior studying exercise physiology and Tera Fisher, a senior studying chemistry — gave their answers to this question: “What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?”

Farnsworth: Put God first in everything. He’s going to be the one to help you with all your endeavors at school.

Andrade: Don’t take too many credits. Don’t take too many foundations because then at the end of your major it will just be hard classes so mix it up. Plan your days, you will be more productive. Workout every day for 30 minutes. Teach one another, when you understand the material. Be exactly obedient to the Honor Code.

Fisher: Don’t be afraid to do hard things. My degree was really hard, but I’m really glad I did it. Leave room in your life to have fun. Also, a lot of women are afraid to go into math and science and they shouldn’t be. The professors want you there. Find friends who pay attention to you and know you. They’re not just your friends because they want to be around someone, but because they like who you are.

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