Quartet performs for Rexburg citizens


The combination of violins, violas and a cello were all included in the performance of the Turtle Island Quartet Feb. 23.

The quartet featured a special guest Michael Doucet, who composed three of the five songs that were performed by the gro.

Doucet is a musician from Lafayette, Louisiana.

He started to play the violin when he was about two years old.

The songs that Doucet composed include “L’Amour Poisonne”, “Cajun Gypsy” and “L’Amour Ou La Folie.”

Douchet also sang along when the quartet performed his own composed pieces.

In some of the performances, the gro members used their instruments as drums.

“Using our hands gives the music a new groove; it creates a rhythmic interest,” said Mark Summer, a member of the quartet.

Summer plays the cello for the quartet and said he has been playing since he was about nine years old.

“They had an incredible rhythm, percussion, and they used everything to their own advantage,” said Suzanne Watkins, a senior studying health science.

The quartet has been playing together for 28 years. The gro is named after a myth from Native Americans. The myth talks about how the Earth was on the back of a giant turtle.

One of the last performances the members played was “You Really Got Me” by Ray Davies. The gro said they wanted to incorporate a little rock ‘n’ roll into the show.

“I like jazz and modern music, and I like how they blended the music and how they made difficult passages sound so easy,” said Daniel Watkins a senior studying applied mathematics.

Doucet said he views the music as bringing the music back and seeing it from a different side.

For example, the song “Louisiana Story” by Virgil is a six part song that is dedicated to Louisiana.

“Being who I am, remembering the Masters of Music, sharing the spirit of music, and wanting to continue and carry on the music,” Doucet said.

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