Real estate company funds 371 homes in Shelley, Idaho

Home of Anderson Hicks Group Photo credit: Exauce Ondongo

Anderson Hicks Group is a team of realtors within the Keller Williams Realty East Idaho brokerage. The team has partnered with Bateman Hall Inc., which is one of the largest construction companies in the state of Idaho.

Together they will bring 371 new homes to Shelley, Idaho. According to Hicks, the name of the house project is the Fox Crossing Project, which will provide houses that the average wage earner can buy.

“The average annual income for eastern Idaho is $65,000 to $70,000,” said Mike Hicks, co-owner of Anderson Hicks Group. “We don’t want the project to get mixed up between subsidized housing and affordable housing as subsidized housing is for lower-income.”

The homes will be 850 to 1,050 square feet on the main floor with full basements. Each home will have at least four bedrooms, two baths and a finished family room. They will also come with gas and heat, sprinkler systems, hydroseed yards and a finished fence.

Fox Crossing Land
Fox Crossing Land Photo credit: Exauce Ondongo

Hicks also said the price range for these homes will start as low as $350,000. The real estate group aims to keep out investors and maintain the homes for the community as each home will be sold as owner-occupied. This means that the owner must live in the home for 10 years.

“Our concern was that investors would swoop in and buy 10 to 15 houses at a time and turn them into rental properties,” Hicks said. “Our goal is to keep that from happening to build a great neighborhood for young and old families.”

Anderson Hicks Group will start construction in June of this year. The group expects to sell 20 homes this year and 75 each year after that.

“We purchased an old farmland by Yellowstone Highway near East Center street in Shelley,” Hicks said.

The real estate group is a team within the Keller Williams brokerage.

“We consist of 17 agents and three owners, Mike Hicks, Sean Anderson and me,” said Chris Bertonolly, a co-owner of Anderson Hicks Group.

Fox Crossing Land
Fox Crossing Land Photo credit: Exauce Ondongo