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Rebuilding Rexburg: The comprehensive plan update

Emily Morales, a member of the consulting firm tasked with drafting Rexburg's comprehensive plan, educates the public on what the plan is and the benefits it will bring the community.
Emily Morales, a member of the consulting firm tasked with drafting Rexburg's comprehensive plan, educates the public on what the plan is and the benefits it will bring the community. Photo credit: Abigayl Finch

Members of the Rexburg community brainstormed how to lay out the city to accommodate 30,000 new residents by 2048.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Rexburg’s population increased by 50.5% between the years 2010 (25,484 residents) and 2020 (39,409 residents). In order to respond to this growth, city leaders decided to update Rexburg’s comprehensive plan.

“It’s what will meet the needs of the city as it grows,” said Alan Parkinson, Rexburg’s city planner and a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

What is the comprehensive plan?

The overall purpose of the comprehensive plan is to create programs and policies to address the problems and opportunities of population growth in the city to help Rexburg improve its quality of life.

According to Rexburg’s comprehensive plan website, the plan addresses issues in five main areas of the community:

— Responding to growth.

— Ensuring orderly land use and development patterns.

— Identifying where major infrastructure and facilities should be anticipated.

— Managing resource allocation and park and open space planning.

— Promoting economic development and regional coordination.

A steering committee helps update the comprehensive plan by providing insight from various areas of the community with members coming from local businesses, BYU-Idaho and the Rexburg City Council.

Role of the public

Public opinion also plays a pivotal role in determining the contents of the comprehensive plan.

“Their input guides this process,” said Emily Morales, a consultant from the Logan Simpson firm, the group tasked with drafting the new comprehensive plan.

Morales led small group workshops where community members suggested potential locations, types and makeups of housing options for Rexburg by using LEGO bricks. Each type of LEGO represented a different type of housing. Several types of houses, such as single-family housing, townhomes and large multi-family apartments, can be built in Rexburg.

What’s next?

The comprehensive plan update will finish its second phase by the end of the year. While in-person workshops have concluded, citizens can complete a visual preference survey that will ask for their desired city looks and feels of different areas of town.

In January, the plan will move to its third phase.

According to the comprehensive plan’s website, “the team will assemble a Draft Plan for review and refinement. Key components from the document will be presented at an open house and a complete version of the document will be available online for public review.”

The open house is scheduled to take place during the week of March 13, 2023. However, if residents or college students want to get involved, they can check out the Plan Rexburg website for opportunities to do so.


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