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Relocating the alumni office

Sweat rolls down the side of your face as the phone rings on the other end. With each unanswered ring you taste a mixture of relief and panic, waiting for the unknown individual to answer. You are only calling because you were met with days of unanswered emails. The panic increases as you hear the ringing stop, with a response of “Hello?”

Networking with strangers can be difficult, especially if one is unsure of where to start or how. The Alumni Office is one place students can go for help.

The Alumni Office is a place where students can connect with BYU-Idaho alumni to help with job and internship opportunities. Alumni can sign up to participate and make their contact information available to students. This makes it easier for students to receive help with future internships and careers.

Students know the Alumni Office as part of the Career Center Office.

The Career Center Office, including the Alumni Office, are making changes due to the pandemic, including where those services are offered.

The Alumni Office was previously in the Hyrum Manwaring Center behind the Strike Zone Bowling Alley, but will soon be found across from The Crossroads.

Tyler Richey, manager of the Career and Alumni Services, shared that they plan to have services become available the first week of spring semester, but the official grand opening will come later.

“The soft opening will be the first week of spring semester,” Richey said. “The grand opening will be in November. There will be games and things like that at the event.”

Records for BYU-I alumni are kept at the Alumni Office. Last year, 15 to 20 students went through 200,000 records.

Another service that the Alumni Office offers is helping students to adjust their social media profiles to be more professional.

“Students can come and get a professional photo done here, completely free,” Richey said. “We have some editors who will edit the picture, make it look good, then send it to you.”

However, some students remain skeptical of the Alumni Office.

Eden Morgan, a freshman majoring in general studies, shared that she wouldn’t go to the Alumni Office to find a job.

“I’d be open to using the office to help me find a job, but I wouldn’t have much faith in it working out,” Morgan said. “My experience with going to places to help find jobs never gets me anywhere.”

The Alumni Office has kept digital yearbooks from each school year, even from when it was Ricks College. Yearbooks from 1917 to 1999 are available digitally.

For more information on the Career Center Office, look here.


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