Scroll Reporters Madison Boyd and Elise Forbes contributed to this report.

On Friday around 11 p.m., a fire broke out in the NorthPoint Men’s building.

Witnesses said a remote control car battery ignited in an apartment, prompting residents to call 911. The Madison Fire Department and Rexburg Police Department rushed to the scene.

“My roommate bought a charger for an RC car, and I guess that one of them blew up,” said James Raney, a junior studying communication. “I guess there was a flame in his room. I opened the door and I just saw smoke everywhere.”

Witnesses said flames reached the ceiling.

“The battery caught on fire,” said Logan Wright, a freshman studying mechanical engineering. “We were outside and the water (from the fire sprinkler system) would not stop. I was sitting on the couch and I could hear the thing burning, it sounded like the space shuttle. The flame was up to the ceiling.”

Wright called the 911 to report the fire before evacuating.

“We were dispatched here for smoke in a room,” said Ben Williams, a firefighter for the Madison Fire Department.

Firefighters said they extinguished the fire before it spread. The building was evacuated and no injuries were reported.

Crowds gathered outside questioning why the alarms had gone off. Some guessed it was the result of burnt food, as has happened earlier in the semester.

“This is the third time that this has happened this semester,” claims Jared Davey, a sophomore studying psychology. “The last few time it was because someone actually burned their food and…(had to) air out their apartment.”