Jason Williams, dean of the College of Language and Letters, taught students about repentance and the importance of the Book of Mormon at Devotional.

Williams shared a personal dilemma he faced a few years ago as a newly-called bishop. There were many things that seemed impossible about the task.

“Most of all, I worried about helping people repent,” Williams said.

Williams made it a goal to study everything he could about repentance so that he could help his ward understand the topic.

“The book of scripture that had the most to say, by far, about repentance, forgiveness, and individual application of the atonement of Jesus Christ was the Book of Mormon,” Williams said. “Over and over again, I found that the messages contained in the Book of Mormon are uniquely suited to answer the concerns of those of us who want to repent.”

Williams outlined three lessons the Book of Mormon shares on repentance:

1. The purpose of repentance is not to punish but to rescue.

2. To repent is to change.

3. The offer of repentance is always available.

Bayarbold Lkhagvadorj, a freshman studying psychology, attended Devotional. He said that he appreciated the message and felt that it was something he needed to hear.

“(Repentance) is important for everyone,” Lkhagvadorj said. “Everyone needs to repent.”

Chelsey Hymas, a sophomore studying biology, echoed Lkhagvadorj’s thoughts — she was grateful for the reminder to repent daily.

“Repentance doesn’t have to be big or small … it’s personal,” Hymas said.

Brandie Miguel, BYU-Idaho student leadership activities and events coordinator, will speak at Devotional on Oct. 3.