BYU-Idaho offers several resources for its students to be successful. The BYU-Idaho Reading Center, located on the second floor of the David O. McKay Library, might be a great place to start for incoming freshmen and others looking to get the most out of their time at BYU-I.

“It’s a good place to learn how to succeed in college,” said Abbey Daniels, a tutors at the Reading Center. “Rather than drowning for a couple of semesters on your own, come here and it will set a positive trajectory for the rest of your college career.”

But what exactly does the Reading Center help students with? Daniels said that it helps students become academically independent by assisting them with the following: 

— Setting and achieving goals
— Skills for studying
— Exam-taking and test anxiety
— Textbook reading
— Note-taking
— Time management

Daniels has tutored for two years and loves working at the Reading Center. When asked why she was still there after all this time, she shared her love for working with her fellow students.

“It’s getting to know the students,” Daniels said. “Coming in and out and seeing them from the beginning to the end of the semester — there’s definitely a growth to them.” 

Savannah Seegmiller, a fellow tutor at the Reading Center, echoed Daniels’ sentiments of love for the students.

“This is the best job I’ve ever had,” Seegmiller said. “You get to work with people and see them grow. You also get to see yourself grow. You get to see students in hard situations, as they’re really struggling, and you get to be in the really sacred place with them as they grow.”

Some students might feel embarrassed about needing or wanting to get help from a tutoring service, but the truth is everyone needs a little help, and this is a great place to find it. 

“It’s a very safe environment,” Daniels said. “You can expect to leave here better than when you first walked in.” 

Anyone with a willingness to change and grow can benefit from the services offered at the Reading Center.

“I’m a tutor, and I’ve still signed up for tutoring here,” Seegmiller said. “The service here is great.”

For students to get the most out of their experience, the tutors have a few suggestions for new students. 

“Really communicate well with your tutor,” Daniels said. “And come with the growth mindset because that’s when you’ll find success.”

Seegmiller also urged students to come ready to change.

How can students sign up for tutoring with the Reading Center? Below is a step-by-step process on how to schedule an appointment. 

Step 1: Go to the BYU-I home page and select “See All.”

Step 2: Select the “I-Plan” option.

Step 3: Select “Tutoring.”

Step 4: Select “Get a Tutor.”

Step 5: Select a class to use to create the appointment. The class does not have to directly relate to the appointment, but there needs to be a launch point in order to schedule a time.

Step 6: Select the “Reading Center” option.

Step 7: Click “Agree” to the terms of using the Tutoring Center.

Step 8: Select a time that for the tutoring appointment.

Step 9: Fill in the “reason” box for questions and things to focus on. Then click the “Create an Appointment” button to finalize the appointment.

At this point, it could help to add it to a personal calendar to minimize the chance of forgetting the date and time. 

Remember, when a student fails to show up to an appointment, a $10 charge is added to the student’s account. 

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