On Oct. 19, Melissa Inouye spoke at the College of Language and Letters forum in her address titled Restoration vs Revolution. Inouye discussed how students can learn from the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Her presentation took place in the John Taylor Building Chapel.

The Chinese Cultural Revolution was a significant event, as the country transitioned from nationalist rule to communist rule.

Melissa Inouye's presentation.

Melissa Inouye's presentation. Photo credit: Ty Williams

Inouye said students can learn from the revolution by avoiding news sources that use anger to captivate their viewers. She told the audience to be curious about why people choose the words they do. And she urged those listening to choose kindness.

Ian Sayeedi, a student studying political science, asked Inouye how Latter-day Saints can better understand different cultures and work together.

“That’s a great question,” Inouye said. ” We probably have over 10,000 members in China … We have brothers and sisters and we made sacred covenants at the same places that link us together.”