A new Rexburg-based podcast titled, Sundays Are For The Brethren, is slowly gaining popularity in the Rexburg community after some social media marketing tactics by its creator.

Through social media, the show’s creator was able to market his podcast by reposting clips via Instagram and TikTok, boosting the podcast’s views and interactions.

Kane Patrick, a senior studying communication, started the podcast in early 2023 and has steadily continued to create episodes throughout the year and even make it into his senior project.

“I can’t stand audio podcasts,” Patrick said. “They kind of just make it difficult for me to focus on them because I can do so much while listening to it. When I created this podcast, I wanted it to be engaging and capture the viewer’s attention, which is why we went with a video format rather than solely audio.”

With 6 episodes currently streaming on YouTube, Patrick hopes to continue the podcast even after his senior project and hopes to make it bigger than it already is.

To stay updated with the Sundays Are For The Brethren podcast, all episodes are available now on its YouTube channel.