Rexburg cheerleaders bring the cheer

Cheerleaders Stretching Before Stunting Photo credit: Chester Chan

Ricks Cheer & Stunt is a cheer team located at AirBound Tumbling and Cheer.

Head coach Brooke Avery, a cosmetology student at Paul Mitchell, leads Ricks Cheer & Stunt. This is her first-semester coaching as she was previously a cheerleader with Ricks Cheer & Stunt. Avery’s assistant coach is Ashley Bogs, a junior studying elementary education.

Ricks Cheer & Stunt is a competitive cheerleading troupe made up of primarily BYU-I students. They perform three times per semester. Ricks Cheer & Stunt conducts stunt clinics in junior high and high schools teaching students basic cheer techniques.

The team conducts tryouts every semester on the third week of school. As stated by Bogs, prospective students are not required to have any cheerleading experience.

“Anyone that wants to try out for a college team can come and try out,” Bogs said. “Some of our members of our current cheer team came in without cheer experience.”

Prospective students are required to pay a tryout fee of $5, and selected members are required to pay $30-$45 per semester for equipment. Ricks Cheer & Stunt have practices twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-10 p.m.

For more information on Ricks Cheer & Stunt, learn more on their website and their Instagram.

Airbound Cheerleaders Practising their poses
Airbound Cheerleaders Practising their poses Photo credit: Chester Chan

Margaret Gil Barrios, a freshman studying business management, expressed that her experience as a cheerleader has helped her overcome her trust issues.

“I think becoming friends with all your teammates is really important because if they don’t trust you, then how can they trust you catching them in the air?” Barrios said. “So I think it’s a great way to meet people (and) sure has helped (if) you have trust issues.”

Barrios elaborated that the best part of being in Ricks Cheer & Stunt was not the cheerleading but in the comradery and friendships amongst her team members.

“Having like-minded individuals working out together while being able to express themselves artistically in cheer has helped me throughout this semester” elaborated Barrios.

Cheerleaders practising their stunting
Cheerleaders practising their tumbling Photo credit: Chester Chan