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Rexburg City Council approves new city brand guidelines

The city council approved plans for a city of Rexburg rebranding project during the council meeting on Oct. 19.

Shawn Randall, who was the branding consultant and designer of the project and is also an art professor at BYU-Idaho, presented the new brand guidelines during the meeting.

Randall reminded the council and attendees that a brand consists of not only a logo and colors but also all the experiences you have in total with an entity or organization. He said a brand creates an impression, and this new branding guide should help set the expectation and culture that people associate with the city of Rexburg.

The rebrand guidebook that was presented is comprised of two sections: one about the mission and values of Rexburg, and the other about the visual branding elements to be used such as color, typography, photography styles and more. It also showed examples of the brand in action on various swag items, city trashcans, city banners and more.

The focus of the rebrand guidelines was centered on the brand tagline, “America’s Family Community”.

The new logo also reiterates the family-centered nature of Rexburg.

According to the rebrand guidebook, “the overlapping shapes help to communicate the interdependency we have on each other as well as the values we share. We are strong together and it’s our differences as much as our similarities that give us strength.”

City council members nodded in approval toward the brand throughout the presentation.

“I like it,” said Mayor Jerry Merrill about the proposed rebrand. “I think it makes a lot of sense.”

Others outside of the council have also expressed their thoughts on the idea of a rebrand.

“I think it can be really cool to see a community branded like that,” said Jason Reeder, a communication professor. “There’s almost something unifying about it.”

This guidebook took eight weeks to create, edit and present for final approval.

“It went pretty quick,” Randall said. “And I think it’s due to the background that was provided by everybody on the committee. They were just so informed and involved in the community. We just were able to speed this along and really sort of put it all in fast forward, if you will, and come up with a product that I think is something that we can all own.”

Randall mentioned that most companies take one to two years to do an initial brand refresh, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints took four years to do an initial brand refresh.

Mayor Merrill said the rebranding process will start rolling out over the next few years.

“It’s a bit of a process to kind of rebrand things with different signs around town and garbage cans and a lot of different things like that,” Mayor Merrill said. “It won’t happen all at once. It’ll probably be a multi-year project so we can budget things in.”

For more information about Wednesday evening’s city council agenda and further links to projects, announcements and other Rexburg-related news, click here.


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