Teton Lakes golf course will be a center of Rexburg infrastructure over the next five years.

The city council adopted several fees to be applied to various departments and organizations after a public hearing held during the city council meeting on Dec. 7. Many of the changes focused on two main areas: the airport and the golf course.

According to the city’s website, the Golf Board serves as a forum for communication between various golfing constituencies: the contract operator, the City of Rexburg and Madison County. They render advice and opinions concerning future capital and infrastructure improvements at the courses. They also recommend adjustments in financial rates.

While many members of the board thought the increase in fees was appropriate, some thought they weren’t high enough to combat rising inflation.

“You want to be able to charge something the market will bear right that will get the people there,” said Matt Nielsen, the chief financial officer for Rexburg. “I think if you get it too costly, you start to lose some of that revenue.”

Nielsen explained that efforts to build infrastructure at Teton Lakes golf course have been very aggressive over the last five years. This has resulted in approximately $1 to $2 million spent on improvement.

Winter Street Parking

According to Rexburg city ordinance, cars can’t park on the streets overnight from Dec. 15 through March 1. The date used to be as early as Nov. 1, but the city council placed the date on Dec. 15 to better coincide with BYU-Idaho’s graduation. This parking ordinance, placed so late into winter, puts a lot of strain on the Public Works department.

“When we’re out plowing and we have to plow around cars at this time, it isn’t the best situation,” said Keith Davidson, the public works director. “It’s tough when we have to plow around cars.”

Police have been placing warning stickers on cars currently parked on the street. The city also worked with BYU-I to send out an official notice to students encouraging them not to come to campus with a car if they have not secured a parking spot.

“We’ll see how successful that is, but we’re trying to get the word out to them anyway so there’s not a surprise,” said Jerry Merrill, Rexburg’s mayor.