Beginning with a prayer, the Rexburg city council convened on Wednesday to review staff reports, open a public hearing for LID 53 and look over plans for new pickleball courts.

Councilmember Walker, who was unable to attend in person, participated virtually.

At the start of the meeting, ideas for new transportation plans were discussed without any specific plans cemented. A date was set to meet to review the topic further.

Next on the agenda were staff reports, which started with a report from the Human Resources department. Police Chief Joshua Rhodes came to the pulpit at this time to discuss ways the scheduling and pay periods of the police force could be improved.

Following other staff reports was a public hearing on the Local Improvement District 53 (LID), which would be created to improve various roads in Rexburg. When a LID is made, the city goes in to do work on the streets included in the district.

The hearing was opened to the public and several citizens who would be affected by the LID came forward to voice their concerns about the condition of their street.

“Your neighborhood has been a topic of discussion as many years as I’ve been on the council,” said Mayor Jerry Merrill.

One street that would be included in LID 52 is Hillview Drive.

One street that would be included in LID 52 is Hillview Drive. Photo credit: City of Rexburg

The long-time residents of Rexburg appealed for a change in how the current LID would be carried out, asking that the city do more to take care of their street.

“We try to do what the residents want,” said Councilmember Bryanna Johnson.

The public hearing ended with talks to revise and improve LID 53 in coordination with the residents of this neighborhood.

Nearing adjournment, the council reviewed options for new pickleball courts at the Donjo Sports Complex. Various details were discussed, but it was confirmed that at least four courts would be built this summer. Options to cover the courts were discussed with worries about heat in the summer months.