In a unanimous decision, the Rexburg Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the comprehensive city plan to the city council.

The Rexburg Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously agreed to recommend the comprehensive city plan to the Rexburg City Council on Thursday.

Alan Parkinson, Rexburg City planner, presented the final draft of the city plan to the planning and zoning commission.

According to the plan’s introduction, “The Comprehensive Plan (the Plan) is a community-developed document that offers guidance for the City’s decision-makers to best accommodate the challenges and opportunities associated with growth.”

The plan includes an overview of Rexburg as it stands in 2022 and projections for how the city might grow and improve in the coming years.

Parkinson notified the commission of recent updates to the plan. He recognized the work of the Steering Committee and other dedicated community members. Parkinson emphasized that the document is a roadmap for legal decisions and can adapt according to the city’s needs.

Several community members highlighted the hard work that went into developing the plan. Others said they wished there had been more community involvement. The planning and zoning commission addressed each concern expressed.

The comprehensive city plan has been underway for over four years. Image credit: Rexburg Planning & Zoning Commission, Kaatia Larson.

“From the city, from the people, from the history of Rexburg, we’ve developed this plan,” said Chairperson Sally Smith. “It’ll never be perfect and that’s why it’s a living document. … I would like to see it go forward to the city council.”

The comprehensive city plan has been underway for over four years. Since May 2022, the Steering Committee, Technical Committee, planning and zoning commission, city council, consultant team and community members have been working on discussing, editing and finalizing the plan.

The city council can approve the plan at its next meeting on Sept. 6 at 6:30 p.m. at Rexburg City Hall. The meeting is open to the public.

Prior to the city council meeting, a work meeting will be held to address the city’s transportation plan. This meeting is also open to the public.

The city approved the last Rexburg City plan in 2008.

The new plan can be viewed online.