Rexburg Festival at the Park: Uniting the community


Rexburg’s Festival in the Park comes to the community on Saturday, June 23, at Porter Park from 4 to 7 p.m.

Alex Hansen, a junior studying business management, came up with the idea along with three other teammates during their events management class.

“I got into the class and found out that you have to create an event that 100 or more people are going to come to, and so it is kind of a bigger scale than just hanging out with your friends in the weekends,” Hansen said.

The idea started with a simple concert in the park which evolved into an event of about 20 vendors participating and four bands in the lineup.

According to the event’s Facebook page, the bands include local talents such as The Howls, Carry On Kid and The Good News. Vendors participating include Baked, Boba Boss and World’s Best Corndogs.

To make the event happen, Hansen and his team received sponsorship from Idaho Credit Union which financially helped pay for the stage rental, gathering permit from the city and advertisements.

Preparation for the event started back in April, but the majority of the effort and energy has taken place in the past month to gather all the vendors, bands and legal permits necessary to make Rexburg’s Festival in the Park come true.

“We’ve had bands say yes and bands say no, we’ve had bands drop out, we’ve had vendors say they need certain space and maybe we can’t give it to them,” Hansen said. “There is a lot that’s gone wrong. We’ve checked the weather every day for the past 10 days, but it’s looking like it’s going to be sunny.”

The Rexburg’s Festival in the Park will also be helping the Family Crisis Center having the vendors donate seven percent of all their sales, Hansen said.

“It’s so much easier with a cause to plan an event plus it makes you feel good too,” Hansen said.

Hansen invites BYU-Idaho students and locals to come to the festival and support the vendors, the local bands and the Family Crisis Center.

“Our goal is to get everyone included in the community,” Hansen said.

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