The Rexburg Free Clinic held a fundraiser gala on Thursday to raise money for their next year of operation.

The gala began with the announcer Anna Bjornn sharing what would take place that night.

She handed the mic to Andy Bradbury, the Chief medical officer of the free health clinic.

Bradbury thanked the sponsors for contributing and donating to the efforts of helping the free health clinic stay open.

Cookies and Brownies

Cookies and brownies were served. Photo credit: Alondra Crutchfield

Bjornn announced that there would be a raffle and everyone should put their names in the bowls to get chosen. Those who had purchased a ticket received a raffle ticket.

Bjornn also announced that there would be a country swing dance instruction. Those who wanted to participate moved to the dance while others chatted, ate desserts and watched the dancing. Some went to the staircase and had pictures taken of them, their friends or significant other.

After the instruction and the dance, Hailey Hamm, the gala planner, and Bjornn started calling out the individuals who won the raffle tickets.

Announcer reading raffle winner.

Announcer reading raffle winner. Photo credit: Alondra Crutchfield

Various community organizations sponsored this event. A few of the sponsors included Maverik, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Yoga Loft Rexburg, Kneaders Bakery and Cafe, Grand Peaks, Basil and Bloom and more. The sponsors gave an item of their choosing for the free health clinic to use in the raffle. Those who won something received an item or coupon that was donated by the sponsors.

The evening ended with jazz music and a thank you.

For more information about the Rexburg Free Clinic, visit this article or their website.