According to the American Psychiatric Association, 60% of college students have reported that they have a mental illness.

The Rexburg Free Clinic is a health clinic dedicated to helping those who have little to no health insurance. Volunteers run the non-profit organization to support the need in Rexburg for those who seek help with physical and mental health.

In the last year, they have added three to four mental health care providers at the Rexburg Free Clinic.

The clinic opened in 2019 and closed down in 2020 due to COVID-19 but then opened back up in 2021. The Director of Volunteer Services, Doug Ladle, shared that it would not be possible to stay open without the help of the community.

There is no co-payment to make an appointment with the clinic. They can help with simple colds, sprains, diet, mental health and STD tests. They are open two days a week; Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6-9 p.m..

The majority of the people who volunteer at the clinic are BYU-Idaho interns, professionals and service missionaries.

Every semester they have a booth at the career fair on campus and offer internship opportunities to BYU-I faculty and students.

The clinic looks for business majors to help with marketing, communication majors to help with advertising and public health majors to help with community planning. These are non-paid, one to two semester-long internships.

One intern who started last month is Kaitlynn Dwy. She is majoring in Public Health with an emphasis on health education and promotion.

She is a public health intern who is currently working on community planning and fundraising.

Dwy is working on and planning a fundraising gala in March. Fundraisers help the Rexburg Free Clinic buy supplies such as bedding, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes and space heaters.

Additionally, Dwy is working on gathering donations for the winter season, such as winter clothes, kitchen supplies, shoes, gloves and hats.

“It’s like a thrift store, but it’s free,” Dwy said.

Dwy first heard about the clinic during a community clean-up the clinic hosted in 2023. Then, she heard about them again in her public health society meeting. They told her that they offered internships for public health majors and she jumped at the opportunity. Now she works in a real-life public health setting.

The Madison County School District donated the basement of one of their buildings to the clinic, where they now operate.The clinic aims to make it as comfortable as possible for the public.

The service missionaries come in and clean every week. They also volunteer their time and work at the reception desk on the days the clinic is open. Pre-med students also volunteer with them and take vital signs for patients, which counts toward their volunteer hours.

In the world that exists today, there has been a spike in mental health issues. The Rexburg Free Clinic offers marriage and family counseling services and counseling services for adults of all ages.

Dave Low is a patient at the Rexburg Free Clinic. He was seeking treatment but did not have insurance, so he reached out to the clinic.

“I needed doctor’s notes from time to time to take off work to regain composure on the days that were harder for me,” Low said.

Low shared how grateful he was for their help, and he was grateful to get prescriptions for his mental health. He expressed how pleased he was with the customer service aspect of the clinic.

“They really did care and gave me the care and help I needed,” Low said.

There is help available to those who need it.

For more information, visit the Rexburg Free Clinic website.