The city of Rexburg organized a foam-filled 5K for over 200 participants on Saturday.

The flat course started and ended at Rexburg Rapids and looped through the Teton River Trail. Organizers encouraged attendees to bring family and friends and to go at their own pace.

According to Rexburg Race’s website, there was minimal pressure applied on runners. Individuals of all ages and fitness levels were welcome to join.

Runners passed under foam machine.

Runners passed under foam machine. Photo credit: Gabriela Fletcher

Three consecutive heats began at 9, 9:05 and 9:10 a.m.

Grace Hawkinson, a recovery specialist at the Center for Hope, voiced that her team believed running together would be a beneficial experience.

“My favorite part was getting to walk with my team and catching up,” Hawkinson said.

Large foam stations were held at various points for runners to pass through.

Participant runs through foam mass.

Participant runs through foam mass. Photo credit: Gabriela Fletcher

“Sometimes I believe people get a little intimidated running a race or training,” said Parker Anderson, race director for the city of Rexburg. “So, I think it’s cool to bring some fun into it.”

Anderson highlighted that the foam piles motivated and energized the runners.

Runners were entitled to private access to Rexburg Rapids until 11:30 a.m. after completing the race. Participants also received a T-shirt and a medal.

Participant jumping at finish line.

Participant jumping at finish line. Photo credit: Gabriela Fletcher

Benson Black, a sophomore studying biology, stated that his main motivation for the race was the opportunity to swim at Rexburg Rapids afterward with his friends.

The City of Rexburg is hosting “Main Street Mile” on the 4th of July. Runners will also receive a day pass to Rexburg Rapids with every entry. For more information, visit their website.