Rexburg home to tropical rainforest


Do you hear that? That is the fan that keeps this greenhouse going. There are many hidden treasures on the BYU-Idaho campus. Many may know that the Benson holds greenhouses for the Horticulture students, but what you may not know is that BYU-I has it’s own rainforest. We talked to a Plant and Wildlife Ecology major to get the scoop on this amazing gem.

“I think they are mostly for enjoyment. People can come here but they do use them for plant identification. They have tours all the time, and people can come and ask for a tour. I think you have to schedule the tours, but you can come to the greenhouse as long as it’s not locked.  I really like them because I can come here and be alone and just be in the nature, and get away from my classes. I could do more dates like I did with my husband, who wasn’t my husband at the time. So, in that way, yes, they are special to me,” said Emma Scott, a sophomore student at BYU-Idaho.

BYU-Idaho campus is filled with so many places where we can ponder and think. For more information about the BYU-Idaho plant shop you can go to