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The Music Department had their semester showcase Thursday night, which included a variety of genres and student organizations. The showcase, held in the BYU-Idaho Center, had a combination of live musical performances and prerecorded pieces.

“My favorite part of the showcase was being able to hear so many different types of music, all that convey good and positive energy in an uplifting way,” said Adam Elliott, a sophomore studying business management.

The department has different opportunities for students of all majors who have interest in and experience with music. There are over 30 ensembles that students participate in, from orchestras and bands to jazz ensembles and choirs.


“I chose to be in the choir even though I am a business management major because it givens me a time three days a week to be able to sing and share my testimony through music,” Elliott said.

The experience for those in the audience differs from those performing, both in where they are seated and in the understanding of the music.

“When you just hear a choir, it sounds really cool; but when you’re in the choir you have the opportunity to know the chord progressions and to ponder the significance of what is said,” Elliot said. “It becomes a lot more powerful.”

The BYU-Idaho website live streamed the performances from the Music Showcase, where future events will be available for live viewing as well.

Rachel Allen, a junior studying music education, is a part of the BYU-Idaho Symphony Orchestra and has been playing violin since she was 7 years old.

“Instead if me telling the story, each piece tells a story for itself,” Allen said.

Allen said that music has impacted her life and can convey different emotions.

According to the department webpage, “The BYU-Idaho Music Department fosters a student-centered atmosphere of cooperative and synergistic learning to help students achieve the highest possible musical standards.”

The Music Department has events regularly, each featuring different students, genres and instruments.

“Be involved,” Allen said. “Go to the concerts, not a lot of people know about them and we perform really cool music. It’s not boring.”

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