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Rexburg residents now have the opportunity to report safety hazards throughout the city thanks to a more convenient system that has been implemented.

Residents can report a problem by going to the City of Rexburg home page and going to the very bottom of the page, under the quick links tab and clicking “Report a Concern.”

Brandy Davis, the administrative assistant of the Rexburg Public Works Department, said, “There, a resident is able to report all types of issues throughout the city including street light outages, potholes and any other issues they feel the city needs to be aware of. Once completed, the user can then submit the form, and it will be sent directly to my email. I then review all issues and forward them as needed or do whatever I can to get the issue fixed immediately.”

Davis said the reason for the change was made to make reporting easier and the process of fixing the problem simpler.

“With this system, it comes directly to me and I can divvy it out accordingly,” Davis said. “It also gives us a starting point and trail as to where each issue is at because it will be saved in our system, and I keep all open issues in my inbox until they are complete.”

Sharing is caring!