Rexburg residents vote for city council candidates

A sign directs voters at Lincoln Elementary School. Photo credit: Elise Forbes

On Nov. 2, Rexburg held local elections for city council candidates at locations around the city.

Terri Wilding, a Rexburg resident who worked at the Lincoln Elementary School voting location, was happy to see citizens getting involved.

“My dad always used to say, ‘you can’t complain if you didn’t go out and vote,” Wilding said. “We need to make sure that (our local leaders) are running the community the way we as citizens want them to.”

Wilding noticed that this year’s voter turnout was greater than anticipated.

Maya Miller, a junior studying music performance, voted in this year’s local election. Although voter turnout is typically greater in national elections, Miller sees the value in local elections as well.

“Voting locally is important because it can help initiate change on a much more detail oriented scale,” Miller said. “National elections are vital as well, but in day to day life, the policies of local government are much more likely to affect us, so it makes sense to vote in the people we want.”

Election results will begin to be posted after 9 p.m. on Nov. 2 here.

For a list of voting locations, visit this website. More information about city council candidates can be found in this article.