The Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce has put together the Rexburg Restaurant Rush.

The event will be held from March 4 at noon to March 9 at midnight. There are 25 local restaurants participating in the 6-day event. Community members are encouraged to participate in supporting local businesses.

The Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce invited the community to participate in their bingo game. The winner of the game will receive a basket full of local restaurant gift cards.

To participate in the community fun you can pick up a bingo card from the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce, located at 167 W Main St #2 in Rexburg, or from any of 25 participating restaurants.

To fill out a bingo card you must visit several of the restaurants listed on the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce website. You will have to purchase a food item from said restaurant to receive a special Rexburg Restaurant Rush sticker, which will then be placed on your bingo card.

Once you have completed your bingo card you can turn it in and be entered into a gift-basket drawing. This can be done in person at the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce or through a direct message on their Facebook page.

Lastly, each individual participating in the Rexburg Restaurant Rush is encouraged to post about their experience at the restaurant visited!

A few of the local businesses participating include but not limited to


– Port of Subs

– Righteous Slice

– Kingdom of Pho

– Arby’s

Each restaurant will have its own meal deals for the event week and prices may vary. Some will have individual meal deals, while others will have family meal deals.