People clapped and cheered all around Rexburg as person after person crossed the finish line. On Saturday, runners from all around the country came to participate in the annual Teton Dam Marathon and Races to remember the catastrophic flood in 1976.

Runners about to cross the finish line

Runners about to cross the finish line. Photo credit: Makayla Johnson

Without a cloud in sight, sunny weather gave runners ideal characters to run one of the four available routes — a 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon.

Makayla Johnson chose to run the 5K with her family. She had plans to run the race for a few months and finally had the courage to sign up, ready to beat her best time.

“I was wanting to run (the 5K) for a while and this was my first one. It was fun to train for,” Johnson said.

Makayla Johnson with her brother.

Makayla Johnson with her brother. Photo credit: Makayla Johnson

Trackers on the back of runners’ bibs traced the runners’ times and routes so that the participants could later go online and see their exact time and rank placement in the race.

“The first-mile kind of sucked,” Johnson said. “But once you get through the first mile, your brain kind of shuts off and you get a runners high that helps you to just keep going.”

Volunteers worked along the route to distribute water and food, as well as guide the way towards the finish line. Volunteers included missionaries, students from BYU-Idaho and Rexburg residents.

Sister Peery and Hermana Moody as Volunteers

Sister Ella Peery (left) and Hermana Sadie Moody (right) volunteering. Photo credit: Makayla Johnson

Local missionaries Sister Peery and Hermana Moodie volunteered at the event after they were approached and asked for help.

“The vibe was amazing,” Peery said. “I loved how encouraging everyone was to each other and especially the runners. It was so fun to talk to so many different people. I felt a lot of love and inspiration from everyone.”