The Rexburg temple was closed for maintenance for two weeks, but has been operating again since Sept. 21.

“While the temple was closed, it was hard because both Idaho Falls and Rexburg were closed, so we didn’t have anywhere to go,” said Tiffany Lundy, a senior studying business management.

The Idaho Falls temple has been closed since March, and it will be closed for renovations for 19 months.

“When the temple is open all the time you can go whenever you want, and then sometimes you just get complacent and you don’t feel like going because it’s just always there,” Lundy said. “But I’m from a place that it’s not close to the temple, and it’s nice to have a temple close and be able to go every week.”

Eliza Nalen, a freshman studying English, said the thought of being able to go to the temple whenever she wants and to work is great.

“My husband and I tried to go the first week that it was opening, and initiatory, sealing, endowment session, everything was packed,” said Bethanie Miller, a junior majoring in marriage and family studies. “I think the only thing opened was baptistery. We got turned away, which is bad, but it is also a good thing, because people are doing work for the dead, and they need it.”