Ever wondered why there is nothing to do in Rexburg, but no one does anything about it? Joseph Aragon and Daniel Alworth are changing that with Rexburg’s first late-night, non-alcoholic bar and arcade.

This new hotspot is named Fizz Rizz, combining the nostalgic charm of classic arcade games with the allure of mocktails, creating a venue for students and locals alike. Their mission is to transform the city’s nightlife, offering a destination of entertainment in Rexburg.

Aragon and Alworth, both 50/50 owners of Fizz Rizz, have a story that’s as captivating as their business idea. Their journey began as childhood friends in Colorado Springs and has now led them to become business partners in Rexburg.

FizzRizz owners Joseph Aragon( Left) and Daniel Alworth (Right)

FizzRizz owners Joseph Aragon (Left) and Daniel Alworth (Right). Photo credit: Chester Chan

“We met through our home church and quickly became friends, going on various outdoor adventures,”Aragon said.

Aragon’s journey took him to Rexburg in 2017 to attend BYU-Idaho. It was here that he first noticed a significant gap in the local nightlife.

“I remember coming here and thinking, ‘wow, this is a fun place but there’s no nightlife,'” Aragon said.

The realization sparked an idea that would simmer in the back of his mind for years.

“We often talked about starting a ‘Mormon bar’ to create a social space that was engaging and inclusive,” Aragon said.

The idea remained just that — an idea — until Alworth moved to Rexburg.

When the two ran into each other at a grocery store, the spark was reignited.

“Daniel mentioned he was thinking about starting a business, and I told him about my idea for a non-alcoholic bar. We decided to combine our ideas and create something unique,” Aragon said.

Thus, their journey to bring a new kind of nightlife to Rexburg began.

In their words, the establishment is a blend of classic arcade games and a soda mixology bar, aiming to stand out in a city where nightlife options are limited.

Arcade games at FizzRizz

FizzRizz has a array of retro arcade games. Photo credit: Chester Chan

“We wanted to create a place where people of all ages can come together, play games, and have fun without alcohol,” Aragon said.

The bar, set to open on July 4, aims to be a hit among students and locals alike.


The grand opening, which coincides with Independence Day, will feature a special happy hour with 50% off all drinks every hour from July 4 to 6.

Drink and food options during opening weekend will include the following:

— Mocktails including flavor options like Shirley Temple, piña colada, “Rizz on the Beach,” margarita, daiquiri, mojito, bloody Mary, Roy Roger’s and mimosa ($4.99)

— Custom mixed drinks ($2.99)

— Normal sodas ($1.50)

— Hot cocoa with flavor add-ins ($3.99)

— Appetizers including quesadillas, nachos, ribbon fries, baked pretzel bites and chips and salsa (prices range from $1.99 to $10.99 depending on the item)

— Bar food including taco salad bowls, tacos, burritos, grilled cheese sandwiches, select sub sandwiches, hot dogs, corn dogs, mini pizzas, baked pretzels and chicken nuggets/tenders (prices range from $1.99 to $5.99 depending on the item)

— Desserts including homemade waffle cones with two scoops of ice cream, ice cream and fizz floats (prices range from $1 to $3.99 depending on the item)

Both Aragon and Alworth emphasize the bar’s vision of affordability, recalling their time in Rexburg and how expensive dates were. Since the affordability factor is crucial, arcade games are priced between 50 cents and a dollar and most menu items are under $6.

“We want to create a fun, affordable place for students to hang out,” Aragon said.


Balancing a new business with other responsibilities is no easy feat. Aragon works remotely for an IT company, handling his job from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. before shifting his focus to the bar in the evenings.

Alworth, on the other hand, juggles his studies and managerial tasks for the bar.

“I’m studying to be a special education teacher and managing the bar when I’m not in class,” Alworth said.

They have personally handled much of the setup, from building furniture to working out the kinks in their soda system.

Set up of the different drink options.

FizzRizz's custom soda system, handcrafted by the owners. Photo credit: Chester Chan

“We had to be very custom with everything due to the odd shape of the structure. We’ve put in a good amount of money and effort into renovating this place,” Alworth said.

Aragon shares his prior background in hospitality and Alworth’s passion for entertainment complements each other. Aragon has worked in five-star resorts and restaurants, gaining valuable experience in customer service and business management.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own business. Growing up, I watched “Shark Tank” and shows like “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Kitchen Nightmares.” They inspired me to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams,” Aragon said.

Alworth, an arcade connoisseur, shares his wealth of knowledge about what makes a great gaming experience. He notes that while other businesses in Rexburg take a more family-friendly approach, there is a lack of options catering to an older audience. He hopes his arcade will attract this demographic.

“I’ve been to a lot of arcades and know what works and what doesn’t. We wanted to have games that are fun and engaging, not just aimed at children,” Alworth said.

Their bar offers a variety of activities, including billiards, darts, sports on TV and classic arcade games. They also have plans for future expansions, such as a the potential for an underground speakeasy and live music performance in the basement.

VIP Lounge tentatively set to open in 6 months

VIP lounge tentatively set to open in 6 months. Photo credit: Chester Chan

“We want to keep evolving and offering new experiences for our customers,” Alworth said.

This community engagement is a crucial part of their vision.

“What gets me out of bed every day is seeing the community’s excitement,” Aragon said. “Every day, we have 15 to 20 people knocking on the doors and windows, wanting to take a peek inside. I get messages on social media, which I just barely launched, and people are really excited about this. Seeing people’s eyes light up when they hear about what we’re doing here in Rexburg is enough motivation to make me feel like we’re doing something right.”

Aragon echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the joy they hope to bring to the community.

“If you can bring happiness to people, what better purpose can you have?” Alworth said.

To learn more about opening day and Fizz Rizz, check out their Instagram and website.