Rexburg residents met to discuss a potential overpass across U.S. Highway 20 and the development of fiber optic cables.

The major discussion was a chance to connect 1000 South St. and Seventh South St., parallel roads separated by U.S. Highway 20. Anticipated construction on University Boulevard and Main Street next summer means that traffic congestion across the highway at those two locations will get worse.

“If there’s an accident on that one remaining road during the construction, that could be an absolute disaster,” said Wanless Southwick, the presentation organizer.

Mayor Jerry Merrill agreed, suggesting that the new road would help provide emergency services to the west side of town.

Leon Parson, a resident who lives on the west end of town, supported the measure and gave some context for the project, “We’re adding two new wards soon. The growth there is bigger than anyone comprehends.”

The other large discussion was the rights of fiber cable companies across residential lawns and streets. One resident lodged a complaint about how the sod in his yard was ripped up and replaced poorly, destroying his lawn.

Keith Davidson, director of Rexburg Public Works, elaborated on that relationship.

“They’ll usually do a (whole) block or so at a time, then send a lawn team to clean up after,” Davidson said.

Davidson explained that the Idaho Legislature states that a 10-foot space from the road is a “utility easement,” a public space where they can place cables and do repairs.

If residents have complaints about work results, the city keeps records and then requires the company to fix the issues before continuing work.

Council members Colin Erickson and Tisha Flora were both absent from the meeting.