One night every week at the Rock Gym, students have the opportunity to try out something new for less money. Students pay $11 to get in and an additional payment for shoes and harnesses.

“Student night” began shortly after the Gym’s opening in 2020 and has been held regularly ever since.

Kira and Tyler Martin are the owners of the Rock Gym. Both are avid CrossFit Fans but love the climbing culture as well.

Before opening the Rock Gym, both were involved in multiple businesses. The Gym has been expanding ever since its opening.

Bouldering Section with two climbers

Bouldering section with two climbers Photo credit: Emily Ormston

It includes a full bouldering section, a top rope and lead wall, as well as a CrossFit area. The gym also offers classes for both climbing and CrossFit.

“I have seen people put baby harnesses on three-year-old’s and rope ‘em up. There are certain climbs, particularly just our nets and stuff, where they just need to grab, they start very, very young,” said Jaren Heidenreich, an employee at the Rock Gym. “In regard to bouldering and such I think the youngest we’ve seen is 5-year-olds.”

People of all ages can find routes to climb. The routes are graded on their difficulty.

The easiest route on the wall is a 5.6, while the hardest is a 5.12. The bouldering routes increase similarly with WB and W1 being the easiest and W10 the hardest.

Climbers trying to reach the top

Climbers trying to reach the top Photo credit: Emily Ormston

“(Student night) is always a little bit more busy, but the environment here at the gym is super inviting and there is a great atmosphere to meet people, to make new friends, to try new things in climbing,” Heidenreich said.

The gym always has floor staff to help the climbers when they don’t know what they should do next.

Mondays are often busy since many come with their Family Home Evening groups. On student nights there are about 60-100 people who attend.

Annie Mason loves coming to student nights. She is a regular climber who tries to go at least twice a week with her college class schedule.

Front Desk at the Rock Gym with Jaren Heidenreich

Front Desk at the Rock Gym with Jaren Heidenreich Photo credit: Emily Ormston

“It’s a good hobby to have cause it’s fun and it’s healthy,” Mason said. “The Rock Gym is beginner-friendly there are routes so it shouldn’t be as intimidating. There are routes that beginners can do too, and you can work up, so don’t be scared.”

Mason recommends that everyone who likes climbing and wants to visit the Rock Gym regularly get a month pass and their own shoes to save money.

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