On Nov. 3 and 4, ROTC students at BYU-Idaho participated in the Ranger Competition, which was located at the Gowen Field, an air force base near Boise.

Technical Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Jordan was the captain for the team.

“It was pretty cool, we had less time than every other group,” Jordan said. “We’ve only had about six weeks to prepare, and everyone else usually had about 14, give or take, and we placed fourth out of 11 groups.”

Jordan said that there were teams from Boise State University and Idaho State University. There were also teams from Washington, Nevada, California, Montana and Wyoming.

The ROTC students who participated, also won three separate events, two of which were grenade tossing and the sapper challenge (during which they had to build a wall out of sandbags.)

“We excelled and we beat most other teams,” Jordan said. “It was very physical, very mentally challenging. It pushed you past your limits and your endurance and it was just amazing to see the dedication of individuals who aren’t even in the Army yet and their desire to serve their country and to better themselves and to give everything they have,”