In Hinkley 157, the Russian Lab gets together every Tuesday and Thursday. The focus is on practicing and learning the language.

Nikita Soloviov, a sophomore studying software engineering has enjoyed attending the lab and encourages participants to not be shy.

“Keep practicing, with every opportunity to practice just do it,” Soloviov said.

Some people go, not just to practice, but to have fun.

“You play games, and you meet lots of people,” said Caitlin Cox, a senior majoring in international studies.

On Feb. 16, the Russian Lab had its first movie night of the semester. Those in charge are planning to host two more this semester.

“Movies are a great way, a fantastic way of language acquisition,” said Lissa Chamberlain, the lab director. “That’s how a lot of foreigners learn our language, by watching our TV shows, our movies.”

Even if it’s just a normal practice day, the Russian Lab is a great place to go if you already know or want to learn the Russian language.

“Just speaking, I think, is really important,” Cox said. “You can only learn so much with classroom study or self-study. It’s really important to practice because then you are applying what you’re learning, which kind of solidifies a lot of things.”

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