“Sacred Events from the Life of Christ” by Jorge Cocco Santángelo displayed in Rexburg

Feature image from the article “Much Greater Things”: Sacrocubism and Jorge Cocco Santángelo Photo credit: Church History Website

In the low light of the Spori Art Gallery, dozens of visitors shuffled about, gazing at “Sacred Events from the Life of Christ” by Jorge Cocco Santángelo. In quiet reverence, a woman approached a depiction of the crucifixion and sniffled quietly. Moments later, an elderly man stepped close to the painting and asked, “Is that God?”

Cocco’s “Sacrocubism”

Cocco calls his unique artistic style “sacrocubism,” because it features sacred scenes in the form of cubism. In cubism, simple geometric shapes interlock and overlap to create scenes Cocco says are “beyond the obvious.”

Cocco is a self-taught artist. His main influencers are Pablo Picasso and Argentinian artist Emilio Pettoruti.

Last fall, this exhibit visited the Church History Museum, and he is featured several times in the 2019 Come Follow Me manual. Now, Cocco’s exhibit will be displayed in the Spori Art Gallery from April 5 to May 22.

“Me olvido del mundo”

A Spanish-speaking returned missionary stepped up to ask Cocco how he felt when he painted. His face lit up as he answered her question. “Me olvido del mundo,” Cocco said, which means “I forget the world.”

He said his family might tell him it’s time for dinner, but to him, it doesn’t matter — at least not when he’s in his own world.

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