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One of the most daunting experiences a college student faces while navigating through life is trying to find an internship.

A student may want to find an internship for numerous reasons such as graduation requirements, personal experiences in chosen careers and networking.

In the Hyrum Manwaring Center room 129A, Elder and Sister Smith guide students looking for internships. They work with other internship service missionaries located across the western United States to serve BYU-Idaho students.

Elder and Sister Smith explained that the majority of internship missionaries live in the western United States because students wanted to stay in these areas, especially in southeast Idaho.

“If students are willing to move out of Idaho for their internships, they are more likely to find internships that lead to jobs,” Smith said,.

Most career-oriented students strive to earn jobs through internships. Local companies in southeast Idaho give wonderful experiences for their interns, but many often don’t lead to full-time employment.

The Career Preparation Center is available to aid students in appearing as prominent and proficient workers to potential employers. Students can participate in the resume and cover letter reviews, mock interviews, digital profile reviews and workshops geared to prepare students for their careers.

“The world is increasingly competitive. Students need to up their game in the way they present themselves to potential employers,” said Barbara Thompson, manager of the Career Preparation Center. “Our role is to help students successfully articulate the value they have to potential employers.”

Currently, the Career Preparation Center is remodeling its office and program. Due to changes, students can schedule appointments to meet with career assistants. Go by MC 129A, call (208) 496-9801 or visit their website.

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