The Salt Lake City Utah Temple hit a milestone in its construction on Tuesday, Feb. 13, with the final placement of the steel reinforcing pyramid.

After almost four years of these iconic spires missing from the sky, more than 800 construction workers came together in a small, private event for the construction company to celebrate the placement of the final reinforcing steel pyramid on top of the famous temple.

The purpose of this renovation has been to strengthen the structure of the building to better resist the damaging effects of earthquakes as well as to refresh the grounds.

“The spires are iconic because when people see the Salt Lake Temple, the first things they’re drawn to are the six spires rising into heaven,” said Brad Bohne, Jacobsen Construction’s general superintendent in a Church newsroom release. “It’s always been a big deal for our project team to protect these.”

Bohne explained more about the significance of the event.

“Being relatively tall and skinny structures on top of a really mass0ve, heavy building, these spires were at risk of whipping around in a big seismic event,” Bohne said. “Holding these in place has been a challenge that has taken years of planning, predictive modeling, scanning and considering what the steel needed to do to match the available space in the towers.”

The reinforcement of each of the spires with steel is one of many efforts that have drastically strengthened the temple’s towers. These include the addition of steel cabling in the interior of each tower — from where they tie into the base isolation system in the foundation up to their highest point.

The temple was first built in the late 1800s and took almost 40 years for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to complete. It stands as a symbol of faith to those who attend and is a reminder of the continual progression available for all.

The temple brings visitors from all around the world. Sister missionaries who serve there speak many different languages to be able to accommodate hundreds of tourists.

Renovation of the Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square is scheduled for completion in 2026.

“Countless people continue to give their heart and soul to this renovation,” said Josh Fenn, Jacobsen Construction project executive and project director, “so seeing a big step forward like this come to fruition — it’s really touching, for all of us.”