Tucked away on Main Street, Thrifted Lennons combines carefully selected vintage clothing with a vibrant community atmosphere.

Sam Fisher, a previous employee at Thrifted Lennons, took over to continue the work of the former owner, turning the store into the business it is today.

Here, racks of carefully curated vintage clothing mingle with the sounds of laughter and the buzz of eager shoppers discussing their latest finds. The store, more than a haven for fashion enthusiasts, doubles as a venue for events that draw the community closer and offers student discounts that welcome the young and budget-conscious.

Sam Fisher owner of Thrifted Lennons

Sam Fisher, owner of Thrifted Lennons. Photo credit: Chester Chan

Fisher, who transitioned from a former employee to the proprietor, shares his experience steering his store through the years.

“I was managing the place and had been sourcing clothes. So when she left, I just asked if I could take it over because I didn’t want it to close,” Fisher said.

The decision to retain the store’s original name was strategic and aimed at preserving its established identity and rapport within the local community. Fisher recounts that his journey into the realm of vintage fashion was sparked by a quest for individuality, a narrative familiar to many in the vintage community.

Vintage Nintendo systems available at the center of the store

Vintage Nintendo systems available at the center of the store. Photo credit: Chester Chan

Disenchanted with the homogeneity of mainstream fashion, Fisher had gravitated towards vintage as a means of personal expression.

“I got into supreme and all that…but I didn’t like that I would show up to these events wearing the same thing everyone else was,” Fisher said.

Central to Thrifted Lennons’ identity is its role as a community space, a concept Fisher has fervently embraced. The store aims to transcend the traditional retail experience, offering a sanctuary for people to gather, share stories and partake in the joy of gaming on vintage Nintendo systems.

“We’re a store but we’re also a place where we just want people to come hang out,” Fisher said.

Looking ahead, Fisher gives insight into the future of Thrifted Lennons by expressing enthusiasm about fostering community engagement through specialized events that spotlight the diverse offerings of local vintage sellers.

Thrifted Lennons

Thrifted Lennons. Photo credit: Chester Chan

Thrifted Lennons aims to host two markets each semester, inviting other vintage sellers to rent booths and sell their selected items. These events hope to attract both dedicated vintage lovers and casual shoppers.

In a nod to the significant student population in Rexburg, Thrifted Lennons is set to introduce student discount days, providing a financial reprieve through discounts of 10%, 15% or 20% upon presentation of a student ID.

“It’s not always about coming in and you don’t always need new clothes…It’s like our store has good vibes,” Fisher said.

Thrifted Lennons is located at 22 College Ave in Rexburg. Find updates on their social channels like Facebook and Instagram.