Samantha Arias, a sophomore studying music, performed in a recital for her end-of-semester project. She played an impressionist piece by Claude Debussy called “La Plus Que Lente.” She loves Debussy and has played his music every semester she has been at BYU-Idaho.

“You can paint these beautiful images in your mind with them,” Arias said.

Arias was excited to perform in front of her friends. She has enjoyed the opportunity to practice with and around them all semester.

“It’s fun to hear what my friends have been working on and to share with them,” Arias said. “Then, at the end of this, we get to go to their recital where we get to show our final project. It’s kind of like we’ve been doing this group project. We’re all working on things and giving each other feedback, and now we’re presenting the final project to each other. It’s so much fun.”

Being with her friends helped her feel more relaxed and comfortable about performing.

“I have to have fun or else I’m not gonna perform well in the recital,” Arias said.

Arias couldn’t overlook her passion for piano. She found a love for it again throughout her first few semesters at BYU-I.

“I live, breathe and everything piano,” Arias said. “It’s something that I really love.”

Arias is proud to be studying music and learning how to better her piano skills. She loves the thought of it becoming her career.

“I feel like music is a very personal thing,” Arias said. “So for me, it could be a very blissful-type feeling, but for somebody else, it could be something else. I just want to perform it in a way that musically portrays that for other people so that they have the ability to make what they wanted, because not everybody’s going to interpret the music the same way. That’s kind of a fun thing.”