It seems people have finally realized that being healthy is important and that McDonald’s, as delicious as it can be for some of us, may not be the best option for your Friday dinner.

The World Health Organization finally took a stand after many years of research and planning and decided that by the year 2023, all artificial trans fats will be eliminated.

How likely is this to happen though?

The WHO has been working on eliminating trans fat for a while, and rendered hydrogenated oil unsafe in 2015.

Trans fats include most foods you probably already consume such as fries, burgers, cookies and chips.

My initial thought was, “Really? How do they expect people to just give up fries?”

With the number of fast food restaurants in the country, and the cost of living healthily in America, how are they going to convince us to stop eating trans fats?

Death and disease are the answer. Trans fats are the cause of diseases such as diabetes, memory loss, heart disease and, yes, weight gain.

However, this may not be enough to convince the population.

But that probably caught your attention. All of these are serious variables that can harm your body.

America is seen as the world of fast food, and it is made fun of because of our extra large portions. Trans fats have actually decreased in America since 2016.

Apparently, trans fats are easily replaceable. So why has it taken this long to actually get rid of them, and why do we have a hard time understanding the risks?

Due to the American trade and the popularity of western food, fast-food restaurants have become globalized. But, with this new goal, America hopes to become world leaders in eliminating trans fats.

Does this mean no more fries for us? No, not really.

For the past three years, fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s have been working to stop the use of trans fats in their food.

There has always been a way around it, and that is what WHO wants in America — a way around trans fats.

Your heart, and mine, will thank America for taking a small step toward a healthier people.

Now, pulling a cold turkey on anything related to trans fats will probably be less likely to happen, but lowering the amount of trans fats consumed is a little more possible.

The WHO hopes that trans fats will be lowered in America, creating a new cultural diet — a huge step for our country.

I am certainly glad that America has realized that health is important, and hopefully the American diet will change for the better.