On Wednesday night, Marsha Bjornn performed piano pieces from classic Scandinavian composers.

She chose to base her performance around Scandinavian countries because, in her opinion, composers from places like Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway don’t receive as much recognition as their counterparts from other countries.

Bjornn played a total of eight pieces from composers around Scandinavia.

Many of the pieces she played were from the romantic period, but she did include several shorter more contemporary pieces that showcased composers who were breaking away from the more popular styles of their time.

The final piece Bjornn played was a sonata by the famous Norwegian composer, Edvard Hagercup Grieg. At the conclusion of this piece, Bjornn was given a standing ovation by those in attendance.

Arthur Cabrel, who was in attendance Wednesday night, was curious to watch Bjornn perform on the piano.

Emma Thompson, a freshman studying elementary education, had never been to a piano concert before and was excited to see Bjornn perform.

“I am kind of curious because this is my first time at a piano recital,” Thompson said.

This was the first time Bjornn had played a Scandinavian-themed concert and she said her late husband, who was mostly Finnish, would have loved this particular concert.

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