Scotty McCreery to perform sold-out show


  1. Lynda Danvers says:

    Great story. McCreery is one of the best country singers out there. Fine entertainer and fine man. Plus he’s hot!!! Can’t wait for the show!

  2. Sandy Knight says:

    Scotty is the hottest man in the country. Sexy sexy sexy. Make mine McCreery always.

  3. Mary Bromfield says:

    Scotty is comin!!!! Scotty is comin!!!! Scotty is comin!!!! Cannot wait 4 the show

  4. Cassie Cain says:

    ohmygosh – I didnt know scotty was coming here. I have to get tickets!! love me some scotty.

  5. Nathan Daniels says:


  6. Susan Barr says:

    I’ve got my tickets!!! Cant’ wait for the show!!

  7. Mari McCabe says:

    Just look at him. There’s a reason why Scotty was named the sexiest man in country music. Va-voom!! He’s hot!

  8. Martha Roberts says:

    what a man what a man what a mighty fine man. Mmmmmmmmm McCreery!! Man of my dreams.

  9. Nathan Daniels says:


  10. Karen Beecher says:

    I love to hear Scotty sing. Cannot wait for this show – 5 More Minutes, C U 2night, Feeling It, watertower Town and more. best voice in country music

  11. Lia Briggs says:

    Is Scotty single? I’d definitely like to see him tonight after the show

  12. Dawn Granger says:

    Can’t wait for McCreery’s show tonight. Gonna be awesome!!!!

  13. Nathan Daniels says:


    McCreery is the man. Period!!

  14. Nathan Daniels says:

    It’s almos McCreery time!!!!!!!!!

  15. Kara Starr says:

    This show is awesome so far!!

  16. Nathan Daniels says:


    This show rocks!!!! McCreery is the man!!!!!!!

  17. Nathan Daniels says:


    That was the best show I’ve seen in several years.

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