Too often, musicians struggle to gain reputable exposure, suffocated in a never ending cycle of less-than-exceptional entertainment options.

Sean Deniston, a senior studying business, is committed to breaking that cycle through multiple projects. With songwriting chops that hold their own next to performers like Mumford & Sons or The National Parks, Deniston proves that top-shelf musicians can still survive in less than optimal circumstances.

Read the interview we had with him below and stay tuned for the next episode of Sounds of Spori, set to release Nov 6.

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Q: Where are you from? Are you from California?

A: Yeah, I’m from California. When people think California they think like Hollywood glamour, I’m definitely not from that part of California. I’m from a small city called Lake Elsinore, it’s in between LA and San Diego. It’s super hot, it’s the desert but I love it, it’s a great place.

Q: How long have you been here in Rexburg and playing in bands?

A: I’ve been here since 2014 — mid2014 is when I showed up — I really wanted to get playing music when I got here. I’ve been in a few different projects and now I’m starting this new one.

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Q: I know you used to be in Tabernacles.

A: Yeah, that was my project back in the day. When I started Tabernacles it was a great project, I loved the members we had in the band — I think there was, at one point, seven of us — we had every instrument you could possible think of. But it was a lot of fun, we played a lot of big shows and had a lot of help from other musicians in the area, a lot of Utah bands let us hop on their shows and play with them, which helped out a lot. We had a pretty good following here in Rexburg, but people get married, people graduate, thinks like that, and because of that it kind of dissolved.

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Q: That was a cool band, you guys played some sold out shows in Rexburg, which is a pretty serious accomplishment. Is this new project similar to Tabernacles? And what do you have planned as far as unveiling your new music?


A: After Tabernacles I took a step back from music. I knew I wanted to keep doing it but I knew I wanted to approach it a different way. What I had always done in the past was we would get a band together, we would write music, we would write songs and we would play shows — which obviously is great, a lot of bands do it and it’s really fun — but we never really recorded. We never really had a solid single or a solid record or an album out and I wanted to have those things. So I decided with this new project to approach things from that angle — write the music first, release it so people can have something to listen to and then get a band together and start playing shows. So that’s what I’ve been doing under wraps – not too many people have known about it over the past year — I’ve been working on these songs. I went down to Utah to a really well known recording studio to cut the album. I worked with Scott Wiley, he’s helped The National Parks with their stuff, he’s helped Neon Trees with their stuff, a lot of big Utah bands like The Moth and The Flame. He’s helped out across the board with a lot of people, so I was really happy to work with him and he made the songs sound incredible.

Q: Very exciting. Tell me about your new single, Younger.

A: Younger is available for streaming and download on all digital-music platforms. It’s the first single from the record, which is really big, the production is big — there are a lot of pianos, a lot of stringed instruments, drums — so it sounds a little different that it will in this video series but I hope you guys will like it and go listen to it.

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The next episode of Sounds of Spori, featuring Deniston is set to release Nov 6.