This week’s hint, posted on Instagram by treasure hunt sponsor Hamlet Homes, includes patterns in the dirt.

Look in the dirt, what patterns do you see? No less than two and one more than three. Image credit: Anderson Hicks Group.

On Aug. 4 the treasure hunt began as Anderson Hicks Group released a riddle and a map on its Instagram. On Aug. 10 sponsor Spitfire Pickleball posted the first clue, which alluded to a dusty road.

The Anderson Hicks Group sent an email Thursday morning to those who have signed up to receive the clues through its website. In the email, it gave treasure hunters some additional information:

— The treasure is within the boundary of the map, but it’s not in Wyoming.

— The line from the riddle, “welcoming new life with everyday that passes” should read, “every day.”

— The phrase in the original riddle, “black and yellow,” does not mean sunflowers. It is also not the most important line.