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Security company open for business

AvantGuard, a security monitoring company based in Ogden, began the grand opening of their new Rexburg facility Dec. 11 at 10:05 a.m.

The open house began with a tour of the facilities led by Josh Garner, CEO of AvantGuard, and Troy Iverson, vice president of sales and marketing.

38 people attended the open house, including Mayor Woodland and representatives of the Rexburg City Council.

The tour began with the unfinished part of the facility, with wooden sport beams and a concrete floor. 40 percent of the facility is still under construction.

Iverson said the remaining section of the facility will be finished “within a few years.” He said the space will house customer sales reps and workers in information technology, human resources and administration.

The tour proceeded to the center of the facility – the call center. Gardner said AvantGuard handles calls for help from 200,000 customers serviced by 500 security companies. Seven employees were taking uninterrted calls during the tour.

“One of our favorite parts of the job is for the elderly,” Garner said. “We know that one day we will all fall into that category, so we get tremendous satisfaction from [helping out].” Garner said the company takes 800 calls per week from elderly clients in need of help.

Garner said the facility will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day in the foreseeable future.

“We don’t see it ever being vacant or unoperational,” Garner said. “If it’s mission critical, we have two or more.”

Iverson said the AvantGuard facility regained electrical power seven minutes after the power outage Dec. 4. He said the facility has its own generators and strives to be self-sufficient in emergencies.

The tour continued to the facility’s training room, which offers a three-week employee training program. AvantGuard is already training ten employees, including seven BYU-I students.

“They need to be trained by December 20th,” Gardner said. “This is a smart gro; they learn quickly.”

Iverson said the company plans to house 60 employees as it continues to grow.

Gardner thanked the mayor and city council making it possible for the company to build in Rexburg. He also thanked AvantGuard’s managers and those who helped with the logistics and building.

The tour exited the facility and came around the front, where a thick purple ribbon had been hung across the front doors.

“We’ll make history here,” Garner said before cutting the ribbon.

Garner and Mayor Woodland cut the ribbon together at 10:41 a.m. with applause from onlookers.


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