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April is the Sexual Assault Awareness month, so Rexburg will have an art show focused on trauma and the acceptance and healing associated with it.

Julie Leavitt, a Public Awareness Coordinator for the Family Crisis Center, said, “Naturally, we all want to believe that things are not going on, but sexual assault happens in every community, every religion, every race, every socioeconomic class, and not talking about it doesn’t make it go away.”

Bodies of creative work from students and members of the greater Rexburg community will be on display in the foyer of Hemming Village from April 3 to 5.

Leavitt said, “It’s an art exhibit that focuses on the healing process that victims and survivors of sexual assault experience.”

There are three different stages the each piece will cover in the showcase. Leavitt said that the art and creative writing will include:

“1. The trauma phase and the darkness and pain that’s felt there.

“2. Vulnerability and accepting ‘This happened and it’s part of my story now.’

“3. Achieving hope and coming out conqueror of this situation. Not letting it tie you down for the rest of your life but really thriving despite everything that has happened, continuing to live the best life you can.”

This is not the first show the Family Crisis Center has organized to raise awareness. “The Color of Our Scars” and “What Were You Wearing” were put together in the last two years to call attention to domestic and sexual violence. These shows call attention to social issues in an effort to bring healing and help to those in need.

Nzinga Lawson, a junior studying sociology, said, “It’s very heart-wrenching because there are so many people who have been through sexual assault. They think that they can’t tell their story or that if they do, it’s to get attention. Providing a space for them to heal is necessary. Having the community put together something like this shows that we are on their side.”

A wide range of submissions will be accepted. Writing, art, music, dance, photography, graphic design and any body of work that can be submitted will be reviewed for display.

To submit work or discuss being included in the show, contact Julie Leavitt at with “April 2019 Exhibit” as the subject.

Entries close March 29 at 5 p.m.

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