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Each semester, graduating communication majors present a project at the Senior Showcase. These projects require at least 50 hours of work from each individual student, plus the time it takes to set up and present the projects they have been working on.

“I’ve always liked vintage things,” Cadiz said.

Cadiz, as well as many other seniors whose projects were showcased, like making things on their own.

As part of Cadiz’s project, he decided to create a website and Instagram following, @beachcitycycles, in order to help others do the same things he enjoys.

The creativity doesn’t end there. Here are a few other seniors learning to make a difference with something they are passionate about:

Madison Smith, a senior emphasizing in visual communication, helped a friend revamp her floral business by creating a new logo and website for her.

Naomi Sweet, a visual communication emphasis, decided to make motivational posters for her project and found satisfaction in creating the animations for each quote.

Shanna Skousen, a visual communication emphasis, chose to create stickers with images that represent each state and post them on her website,, all because she loves to design.

Kayla Taculog, a visual communication emphasis, found a passion for night photography over a year ago and wanted to share her knowledge with the community. She did so by making a beginners guide to astrophotography website, with video tutorials and pictures.

Brian Goodhue, a video production emphasis, used his experience with grief to create a light-hearted short film about receiving help.

Morgan Weaver, a senior studying visual communication, chose to pursue her goals in destination photography for her senior project. Weaver used Instagram as a platform to expand her photography, which introduced her to several clients outside of Rexburg.

With the time and effort each student puts into their project, the senior showcase becomes a way for passions to grow into opportunities.

Sharing is caring!