On Thursday, June 28, the Senior Showcase for the Department of Communication is going “above and beyond” to give their department’s graduating seniors marketable skills and projects to assist in their job pursuits.

“We have almost a hundred students participating,” said Ward Hicks, who teaches COMM 339 and leads a group of students who plan the event. “They demonstrate the abilities they develop, their skills, their talents and the ideas they’ve come up within the four years they’ve been here. It’s a chance for them to show what they’ve learned here.”

Hicks said the showcase is often a means for participating students to impress local businesses and gain future employment.

“I’ve known a few students who were hired because a business happened to walk through and said this is exactly what we need, we need this for our company,” Hicks said.

He said that many other students use their project to start their own business or create a product such as a logo, advertisement video, social media page or brochure they can market to a pre-existing company.

Hicks said students who are not participating in the showcase can gain a lot from touring other student’s projects. Seeing these projects can give future showcase participants ideas for their projects and can inspire non-communication students to create meaningful projects to help gain skills in their field and produce ideas and products they can market.