On May 18, 2019, in the John Taylor Building, a clothing drive took place to give away extra clothes.

Campus Service Initiated and I-Serve had a goal to collect clothes for Desert Industries. They ended up with so many clothes at their last donation activity, they had extra to give away to the public.

Mary Rose Eargle, a junior studying sociology, was the main coordinator for this event.

“We had so many extra clothes from the clothing donation we didn’t know what to do with them,” Eargle said.

The clothes were organized throughout the chapel into different categories. The activity had good attendance, with 15 people showing up within the first hour.

“Its main purpose is to be a clothing swap,” Eargle said. “A lot of times when people don’t have cars they throw clothes on the side of the road and they end up in landfills.”

I-Serve wanted to do this clothing drive to be environmentally friendly. According to The Balance, the average person in the United States throws away 80 pounds of old clothing in a year. Some clothing cannot decompose for hundreds of years and it costs cities $45 per ton to get rid of this clothing.

Campus Service Initiated and I-Serve worked closely with Environmental Service for this event. Together, they hope to give back to the community and make the world a greener place.

To be greener, they suggest to not only donate your clothes but wear second-hand clothes more often. Kassandra Mackley, another coordinator and a freshman studying communication, was initially surprised about how much thrifting helps the environment.

“It makes sense how using older clothes would spare them from going into landfills and being thrown away,” Mackley said. “It is something way easier to do for some people as opposed to collecting bottles or wrappers, especially since recycling just isn’t super emphasized here.”

I-Serve is looking for more members to join their group. They meet every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Manwaring Center room 387, along with the Environmental Service group. They will continue the projects to spread awareness on how to live green and serve the community.