The community of Rexburg is invited to meet at Eagle Park, Monday at 5 p.m. to help with the annual park cleanup.

The City of Rexburg encourages volunteers to bring rakes, gloves and friends to help.

Volunteers will meet at the shelter near the park’s entrance to begin.

Eagle Park clean-up has been a Rexburg tradition for over 17 years, according to a city employee.

Picnic tables under trees.

Picnic tables and campfire rings are spread throughout Eagle Park. Photo credit: Cat Menlove

Volunteers at the 2023 Eagle Park clean-up raked dead foliage into heaping piles on the side of the road. Trucks drove from pile to pile loading the debris into the back.

Some volunteers used chainsaws and leaf blowers.

Volunteers shoveled out ash built up in the fire pits.

Teton River runs through Eagle Park, along with biking trails, hiking trails and campsites.

A trail marker at Eagle Park.

One hybrid biking and hiking trail at Eagle Park. Photo credit: Cat Menlove

Eagle Park has 24 campsites, which are all available on a first-come first-serve basis, according to Rexburg city’s website.

The link to reserve the shelter at Eagle Park is here.

Eagle Park is located at 4th North Eagle Park Drive.