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A marching band with drums and cheerleaders walked through The Crossroads Oct. 25 to announce Service Week.

Student Activities at BYU-Idaho organized a one-week event called Service Week, where students across campus will have service opportunities and events they can participate in.

Service Week starts on Oct. 29 and ends on Nov. 3. During this week, students can serve in places such as the American Red Cross Blood Drive, Deseret Industries, Family Crisis, Special Needs and more, most of them within the BYU-I campus.

“Something cool we are doing this semester is we are combining with a bunch of different areas in student activities,” said Ashley Hiatt, a junior studying public health and one of the area directors for service activities. “We are trying to combine together our efforts.”

Service Week also invites students to find service opportunities around them.

“It can be little acts of service like helping your roommate with something, giving somebody a compliment or maybe even holding the door at devotional,” said Josh Layton, a sophomore studying biology and one of the managers of the event.

Hiatt said their goal is to have 10,000 acts of service across campus and to involve all the campus communities on this cause.

“It’s a great way to get blessings for serving and just really increase your college experience as a whole as you serve,” Hiatt said.

Service Activities invites students to develop a spirit of service.

“Some simple acts of service can really make an impact on someone else’s life as well as your own,” said Scott Nelson Metcalf, a junior studying exercise physiology and one of the directors of service activities.

Throughout the week, students can find booths across the Manwaring Center with information about the different events and service activities. Students can also go to the BYU-I website, type service week to find more information.

Collaborating with Service Week, two major events from other student activities areas will be happening: a Halloween Event on Wednesday, from 7 to 11 p.m., at the John W. Hart Building and a Football and Tailgate party on Friday, from 4:30 to 7 p.m.

Hiatt said when a student does an act of service, they get stickers. They give rewards in other areas: for social activities, students can get a dollar-off for the Halloween Event and for sports activities, students can get discounts at the Football and Tailgate party.

When students serve at the events, they also get stickers. Students can also report acts of service and get a sticker at the front desk of Student Activities in the MC. “No matter how many task or things are in our plate, there still room and time for service to others,” Metcalf said.

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