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Teller, music producer and director of contemporary music and technology — what do these three titles have in common?

James Manzanares, born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho, has a dream and three jobs.

In January 2018, Manzanares and his friend David Moran began a business to provide music events and entertainment to the Idaho Falls area.

“It’s always been an idea that we’ve wanted because we’ve always loved music and loved entertainment and loved entertaining people and doing things like that, but officially on the record, we started Servant’s Heart Entertainment.”

Manzanares said Servant’s Heart Entertainment is also there to help those who may not feel they fit in the community.

“Being colored and not Mormon in Idaho Falls is a very unique experience growing up because you don’t really fit in anywhere,” Manzanares said. “That is also one of the things we want to do with Servant’s Heart, is give those people that might not feel like they have that community or that place to fit in, somewhere where they can come and feel like they belong.”

Aside from Servant’s Heart Entertainment, Manzanares also works as a teller and as the director of contemporary music and technology at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.

But Manzanares’ dream is to produce music in his own studio as a full-time job and create a better music scene in Idaho Falls.

“I’ve gone through quite a lot of hardships in the last year, and it’s always important to trust God and just know that everything is going to be OK and that He always has a plan for you.”

Sharing is caring!